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On June 9 say NO TO WAR

On June 9, say NO TO WAR

The European elections take place on 9 June. A European election marked by the threat of war. We, Som Sindicalistes Balears, want to share our analysis and our position on the matter. And we can already tell you that these elections are going to have a great effect on our immediate future. Hence its great importance.

Only the sons and daughters of the working class go to war, whether from Ukraine, Russia or anywhere else in the world. War only serves the economic interests of an elite that plays with people's lives as if they were pieces on a chess board.

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, the people are the ones who lay down the dead, while their right-wing governments protect the interests of the elites that support them.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian people are being exterminated in a cruel genocide perpetrated by the Zionist state of Israel, similar to what European Jews (as well as homosexuals, gypsies and other minorities) suffered under Nazi Germany. The people are being cornered into a ghetto, Rafah, which is finally also being bombed. They are blocking the entry of food, medicine and humanitarian aid, condemning the entire population to hunger and disease. They are capturing Palestinians, locking them up in concentration camps, not to mention the rape of women, attacks on people waiting to be treated by NGOs, destruction of schools and hospitals, murders of medical personnel and a long list of atrocities that are being carried out, televised in the face of the passivity of the European Union.

The servility of the current European Union towards the United States is endangering the peace and stability of the member countries. While the United States contemplates the movements in Ukraine and Palestine from a distance, in safety and comfort, the people of Europe look into conflicts with effects on their lives, on shopping baskets and the growing risk that we will enter into a war conflict.


The European Union was founded on the noble principles of freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, respect for human rights and of people belonging to minorities, the contribution to PEACE, SECURITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PLANET, the solidarity and mutual respect between peoples, free and fair trade, the eradication of poverty, the protection of human rights and strict respect for International Law. These fundamental principles have been the best guarantee to bury fascism and the European extreme right and to enjoy the longest period of peace that the continent has known.

The European Union is increasingly further away from respecting its fundamental principles and, if that were not enough, the specter of fascism and the extreme right is increasingly visible. A ghost, increasingly real, that is taking over some member countries and that threatens to be decisive in the European Union, with the danger that this can pose for the freedoms and rights that it took so much work and sacrifice to achieve.

The extreme right can represent a huge setback in the fundamental principles of the Union and a serious danger for the European working class. The militaristic extreme right will not only make peace difficult but could put us in a military conflict for defending the economic interests of the American and European elites at the expense of our well-being, at the cost of our lives.

Som Sindicalistes Balears

Som Sindicalistes Balears is a union organization that protects the rights of the working class. And out of consistency with our principles, we want to publicly show our support for the only candidacy that has been openly against war and in favor of diplomacy and respect for the fundamental principles of the European Union, which is the only hope that the working class throughout Europe has to progress.

Podemos - Alternativa Verde
European Left Party

The Executive Commission of Som Sindicalistes Balears gives its support to the PODEMOS candidacy, headed by Irene Montero Gil, a candidacy that is part of the EUROPEAN LEFT PARTY. Podemos, like all the parties that make up the Party of the European Left, have shown themselves against war and in favor of life, the rights and freedoms of the people, democracy and anti-fascism.

However, Som Sindicalistes Balears is a plural trade union organization, which is made up of people of all ideological sensitivities and, therefore, respects the freedom of all its affiliates.

On June 9, vote with your conscience!

On June 9, say no to war!

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